‘Breaking Bad’ Exclusive Interview: Dave Porter On Composing 62 Masterpieces

'Breaking Bad' Composer Dave Porter (left) with Showrunner and Creator Vince Gilligan (right). Photo by Academy of Television Arts & Sciences / PictureGroup

Uttering the words, “I won,” to his wife, Walter White (Bryan Cranston) vaulted into the driver’s seat at the Breaking Bad Season 4 finale, the show BuzzFocus considers the best drama series on television. On July 15, we’ll find out what a former high school chemistry teacher-turned-crystal-meth cook does to begin the final stage of his transformation.

For many shows the musical score manipulates the audience, telling them what to feel and when, whether it’s genuinely there or not. That doesn’t happen on Breaking Bad, where a majority of each episode has no music or score. Scenes to unfold as is, raw and naked. But when there is music, it emphasizes special scenes. Often times, it’s not the biggest moments, but rather the scenes
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