Score One For Poetry! Jerry Sandusky Replaced In Penn State Mural By Poet Dora McQuaid

Poetry is an art that has flowed like a river through time. You can dam a river, you can divert a river but over time the river will wear down, circumvent or displace any obstacle.

You might have thought that football trumped poetry at American Universities, particularly at a football powerhouse like Penn State. But score a big win for the poets, as former Penn State defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky has been replaced on a Penn State mural by, of all thing, a poet! Specifically, by Dora McQuaid,  who is known for activist poetry relating to sexual abuse and domestic violence. 

Now why would Penn State choose someone like that?

Here is one of Dora McQuaid's poems, which is posted on her website, and excerpted from her chapbook the scorched earth.

The One You Were Afraid I Would Write

I still dream about you.

At night, my body remembers.

In my sleep,
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