Sundance flick Robot and Frank gets charming first trailer

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Frank Langella is one of those actors who's been on the scene for decades, about four of them, but who only really came into household-name, internationally-recognized-level prominence recently. With 2008's Frost/Nixon, where he played the disgraced former American President, he earned his first Oscar nom and has continued to wow with his unforgettable performances. Today a trailer for off-beat futuristic buddy flick Robot and Frank dropped where Langella plays an aging jewel thief declared unfit for solo living by his kids (Liv Tyler, James Marsden) so they give him a robot butler to help with house work and loneliness, which is apparently a thing available to seniors in the near-future. Soon Frank figures out order-following Robot (voiced by Peter Sarsgaard) would make a great accomplice and enlists him to steal from the rich, bougie kids that he meets while courting local librarian Jennifer (Susan Sarandon).

Directed by newcomer Jake Schreier,
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