The Doctor Who Column: The Shaw Thing

It's chucking it down with rain outside on the longest day of the year – and what's supposed to be a hot, sunny time of year. Rainy, windy weather is never very good for morale, and having clicked on the news websites, my mood's not exactly lifted when I find out that another Doctor Who legend has passed.

Caroline John, who played Liz Shaw, sadly died on 5th June 2012. Only 71 years of age. Inevitably, with all long-running TV and film series, the more time goes on, the older people get. But that's no small crumb of comfort to Who fans, and in particular fans of the Pertwee years, considering Barry Letts, Nicholas Courtney and Elisabeth Sladen.

Liz Shaw may not always have been mentioned in the same breath as Sarah Jane or Rose – she only lasted one season, and regrettably never got a trip in the Tardis during her four adventures.
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