The Data on Warehouse 13 Season 4

Syfy’s Warehouse 13 is getting their Star Trek parallels on, next generation style, bringing in Brent Spiner to guest star when the show returns next month for its season 4 premiere on July 23rd. Spiner is locked in for at least six episodes next season as Adrian, the head of a Vatican connected Knights Templar group that Artie (Saul Rubinek) finds him and his team against after the event of the season 3 finale.

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TV Guide reports that Spiner’s Brotherhood of the Knights of the Black Diamond has an artifact that Artie needs, one that if granted could result an “evil” being unleashed. Star Trek fans won’t find a Rubinek/Spiner confrontation as anything new, as the two battled it out in Star Trek: The Next Generation. Interestingly, in that episode,”The Most Toys” (from season 3), Rubinek was also involved in the procurement of rare items,
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