Bunheads TV Review And Insider’s Exclusive Premiere Clip

ABC Family has now solidified itself as the go to network for a certain demographic (which shall remain nameless), and I find myself continually fascinated by my desire to back its shows. Though there a couple of exceptions, that go a little far and ultimately rub me the wrong way, I can’t help but applaud the general effort that has brought us shows like Pretty Little Liars, The Secret Life of the American Teenager, Make It Or Break It, Jane by Design, and others.

While no one is likely to confuse any of these shows with the best achievements the small screen has to offer, they are all (to varying degrees perhaps) among the best offerings to come along in a while that are specifically aimed at their market. Slightly goofy in some cases, and overdone in others, they are nevertheless clever and interesting shows that, if nothing else,
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