[DVD Review] Collapse

If you've ever been trapped in a conversation with someone who's clearly intelligent, but has an unnerving obsession with lecturing you about the end of the world, you'll get a familiar feeling from watching Collapse. The documentary directed by Chris Smith is 80 minutes of Michael Ruppert sitting in a chair, smoking cigarettes and talking about the economy, energy policy, corrupt government interests, the mainstream media and the imminent end of the world as we know it (this is not an exaggeration). Putting aside the content of what he's saying, this documentary is ultimately disappointing because it does little to differentiate itself from the experience of seeing Ruppert simply sitting and giving a lecture.

The film is shot in a basement, with Ruppert the only clear thing in darkness. As he chain smokes cigarettes and tells the camera about everything from peak oil to the how he predicted the current financial crisis,
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