TV review: Diamond Jubilee and Surviving Progress

After jubilee fatigue set in, I had hoped the Martin Scorsese-produced documentary Surviving Progress would deliver

There are days when I can only conclude that the popular TV channels have decided to throw in the towel. With BBC1 clearing its evening schedules for the Diamond Jubilee Concert from Buckingham Palace, the other channels all but gave up the ghost. ITV1 chucked in half an hour of Rita's wedding in Coronation Street but then settled for a James Bond film everyone has seen at least twice before; Channel 4 repeated a Come Dine With Me Jubilee Special barely a week after its first transmission, before serving up a tired helping of Gok Cooks Chinese and the Secret Millionaire; BBC2 gave us UK wildlife's tribute to the Queen in a Springwatch retrospective, a Ewan McGregor repeat of The Battle of Britain and yet another showing of The Terminator, which everyone must
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