'Touch': Roxana Brusso teases the season finale

The "Touch" season finale airs on May 31 and Zap2it chatted with star Roxana Brusso who plays Sheri. There have been some big turns for her character, including finding out that she works for Astercor. Brusso gives us a look at what's coming.

Brusso tells us about Amelia and what her reality means for the show. "You know that Amelia did exist, that something happened to her, and that she might still be alive. So, that stuff is coming to play, especially in Martin's (Kiefer Sutherland) life and Jake's (David Mazouz). Because, we know that, like Jake, Amelia was the same way. The board and care facility ended up taking her away, and nobody has seen her since. Also, Martin is realizing that there are a lot of people out there that know about children like Jake, and that they want to take him away. So he is going to
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