'Braveheart' Writer Randall Wallace To Direct 'The Conscientious Objector'

Oscar nominated back in 1996 for his "Braveheart" script, but Razzie nominated six years later for writing "Pearl Harbor," it's probably fair to say that Randall Wallace writes a particular type of Hollywood script with varying levels of success. In the role of director, however, his films are much more reliably mediocre. His three efforts behind the camera -- "The Man in the Iron Mask," "We Were Soldiers" and "Secretariat" -- are all fairly competent, if far from thrilling films, so it's kinda hard to get excited about a new Randall Wallace picture.

Wallace has signed to direct the awfully titled "The Conscientious Objector" for Walden Media. The film will again see Wallace mine the second World War for the big screen, and will tell the story of Desmond Doss who was a medic and the first conscientious objector (he became a medic because he refused to carry a weapon in
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