Noomi Rapace Considered Boob Job For Sexy Role

Noomi Rapace Considered Boob Job For Sexy Role
Swedish actress Noomi Rapace was so serious about accurately portraying a busty blonde in her new movie, she met with doctors to discuss having breast implants for the role.

The method actor famously worked out and got piercings to fully transform into Lisbeth Salander in the original movie adaptation of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and even considered having the character's body art permanently tattooed to her skin.

And the star admits she thought about going even further for a sexy new role - by going under the knife so her curves looked real on the big screen.

She tells Britain's Telegraph magazine, "I'm doing this movie later on, where I'm supposed to be blonde and blue-eyed with pretty big boobies. I was thinking about putting in fake t**s - because so many actresses do it, although not for a specific role. I went to a clinic and met a doctor, and did a lot of research."

However, Rapace ultimately decided against plastic surgery - although she's not completely ruled it out in the future.

She adds, "It's a big procedure - it's quite painful, and then I'd need to take them (breast implants) out again for the part I'm doing afterwards. So although I'm not afraid of pushing it, I don't want to do surgery. Probably."

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