John Duigan on Careless Love

It was the global financial crisis that inspired filmmaker John Duigan to write his latest film. The director, whose last Australian film was Sirens back in 1993, found himself reading an increasing number of articles about the impact of the economic downturn and how the rise in the cost of university fees and living expenses had seen a number of students picking up work in the sex industry.

Careless Love is the story of. Linh (Nammi Le), a social anthropology student at Sydney University who secretly works part-time as an escort to help pay her family's mortgage. As her worlds begin to collide, Linh struggles to compartmentalise.

The script spent three years in development, with Duigan keen to fast track the filmmaking process.

"I was attached to a couple of films overseas for four to five years," he says. "And when one of them fell through for the umpteenth time, I
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