'Stranded' - Just like That Other Sci-Fi Movie Called 'Stranded'?

Today, I learned that Christian Slater is going to star in the new sci-fi film Stranded along with Tricia Helfer. And since I totally heart him and have since 1990, along with loving Helfer, I delved deeper into this film...

Directed by Roger Christian of Battlefield: Earth acclaim (that was sarcasm), this movie won't even start filming until July 2012.

Christian said to someone (I can't find the original interview credit that horror websites keep quoting and pasting):

"[It's] quite scary. We don't have a creature," said director Christian in a previous interview about the film. "Our alien entity, which it is, is born on board. This woman gets pregnant and gives birth in a few days. It's one of those weird things that happens very fast. The thing that's on board imitates one of the crew members and takes him over... Our familiar character becomes the monster."

Oh, like The Thing?
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