The Creek (2010)

Written and Directed by Lola Wallace

Featuring Aaron Leddick, Cassie Jaye, Brett Hundley, Jill Slattery

Breakout Entertainment

The Creek (actually shot in 2007 and at various pre-release times also called Ghoulde Creek, Greed, and The Unfortunate) is Lola Wallace’s third released feature horror film. Special effects are again by Tom Devlin (as in her previous two films) but this is the first screenplay she’s taken on all by herself. The Creek mixes humor and tension, but not always in harmony with one another, and sets the stage for a story of revenge and betrayal in California’s mining days a century and a half ago that still haunts the California hills. And the people who walk around in them looking for gold...

Stopping by the gold-panning booth off the mountain road.

Four young tewntysomethings are on a trip from Los Angeles to Las Vegas to the best horror convention in the world.
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