'Judas Kiss' Producers Learned Many Lessons From Star Trek

It's almost impossible to dismiss online productions such as "Star Trek: Phase II" and "Star Trek: Hidden Frontiers" as simply fan productions, winning accolades for their work with minimal budgets and even some believe inspiring a reboot of the Star Trek franchise. You won't see J.T. Tepnapa nor Carlos Pedraza discounting those productions at all. In fact, the two -- who are set to begin filming on the indie feature "Judas Kiss" in August -- tell Alpha Waves Radio that there's no telling what the two would be doing right now if it weren't for Star Trek and the Internet. "It provided me free training," said Tepnapa, the director of "Judas Kiss." "I got to produce and got to direct on these projects for 10 years. I just love that, and I am very lucky. It has been a springboard to do ...
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