Why Is Your Script Boring?

My blog post last week on 15 Things to Do After You Finish Your Script dances around the issue of quality, but my approach was fundamentally affirmational. Over at Script Shadow, Carson Reeves is blunter with his 10 Possible Reasons Your Script is Boring. All ten points are pretty dead-on, meaning that I’ve encountered each one more times than I want to remember. Reeves does a good job of identifying the reasons why a script read could produce just a “meh” reaction, but the short diagnosis is, it all comes down to quality. A script shouldn’t be just good these days — it should be great. You’ve written one or two or ten scripts; the person reading it has read hundreds or thousands. What makes yours stand out?

Below are two items from Reeves’ list of script problems. Go to the link to read the rest.

Not understanding the phrase
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