"Mad Men" Fabulous Quotient: The Naughtiest Tryst of the Season

Grownups: They'll let you down! Or more accurately, they'll let you down by telling you the truth. Jerks. On Mad Men last night, we watched helplessly as elders threw tough love at their kids: Peggy's mother alerted her to the dangers of living in sin; Megan Draper's father warned her about forfeiting ambition; even Sally Draper learned a lesson in filthy adulthood -- but not from her staggeringly terrible father! Bizarre! But within all the cross-generational nuttiness, Mad Men managed to dish some faboo moments too. Here are this week's top five.

1. Megan Draper is a marketing genius and -- sigh -- hates herself for it.

It's predictable that Megan would be so brainy and instinctive. When we met her last season, she seemed like another grinning mannequin in the mold of Don's past flings, but Mad Men's favorite pastime is stunning you with "unexpected" character development. Megan's social
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