The Bravest Doctors in the World

The outstanding new documentary "Living In Emergency" follows four Doctors Without Borders volunteers as they try to heal the ailing--and themselves--in Congo and Liberia.

When Chris Brasher, a ruggedly handsome Aussie physician, lights his first cigarette, I know I will like "Living in Emergency: Stories of Doctors Without Borders," Mark Hopkins's compelling new documentary about one of the world's most celebrated aid groups. It's not because I think doctors should smoke, or because it's a particularly good thing for anyone to do. Rather, it suggested that this honest movie was not going to hide anything, and it does not—not the anger, not the frustration, not the tears, not the vast insecurities and the heroic flaws of these doctors.

"Living in Emergency" focuses on four doctors: Brasher, a Doctors Without Borders veteran who ends up smoking an impressively high number of cigarettes during the 93 minutes of this film; a young,
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