Twitter Report: Patrick Stewart's Knighthood, Ken Griffey Jr.'s Retirement, And Heroes Con 2010

Sir Patrick Stewart, formerly of the Starship Enterprise, got himself knighted by Queen Elizabeth II on Wednesday at Buckingham Palace. A few voices in the Twitter Report feed congratulated him, but Jeff Parker believes he knows what Stewart's first knightly duty should entail.

Much of the comics world was too busy to concern themselves with such news, however, since Heroes Con is scheduled for this weekend in Charlotte, North Carolina. Bernie Wrightson, R. Stevens, Rob Liefeld and a number of other have been packing to head out to the show, as well as tweeting the booth numbers you'll find them at. A few of those are retweeted after the jump where you can also find reactions to Ken Griffey Jr.'s retirement and some hot "Losers" artwork from Jock.

It's all in the Twitter Report for June 3, 2010.

@jeffparker Sir Patrick Stewart's first mission as Knight: to lance all at
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