Why The Voice has nothing to do with voices

Despite its claims, the BBC's hit show is just another talent contest

If you've been purposefully avoiding BBC1's weekend singing contest The Voice, brace yourself because the live shows start on Saturday night. If you're thinking this is the right time to dip in, the premise is that existing shows such as The X Factor or Britain's Got Talent are not about vocal ability but The Voice, as its catchphrase goes, is "all about the voice".

The Voice's pre-publicity insisted that there were no gimmicks. No sob stories. The judges aren't judges, it explained: they're coaches, and they offer constructive advice. Most importantly, the big idea of The Voice is that the coaches face away from the singer for the first audition, and are only allowed to see what they look like if they're impressed enough to want that singer on their "team". This means that entrants needn't boast model good looks,
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