Homeland resonates to jazz – but what other shows benefit from great music?

Carrie listens to Thelonius Monk, while Treme is also filled with jazz, proving a powerful soundtrack can enhance any TV plot

The squeaks and squalls of jazz are an essential part of Homeland. Music features frequently in the Channel 4 Us import, from the hazy, trumpet-led dissonance of the opening titles – complete with archive footage of Louis Armstrong sandwiched next to the portentous rambling of Donald Rumsfeld – to CIA members Carrie and Saul's discussions about their favourite jazz musicians.

Yet the music does not merely add an air of sophistication to the drama. It is another knot to untie as we unravel the complexities of the characters in particular the wayward Carrie (Claire Danes). At the beginning of Sunday's episode she listened to a version of Thelonious Monk's standard Straight, No Chaser while driving to a meeting at CIA headquarters in Washington.

Monk was hospitalised at various points in
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