"Game of Thrones" Recap: "Is He a Ham?"

Hell's horses, that was a fun one, eh? Extreme spanking, torture, amputation, and the most alarming birth since American Horror Story made this week's Game of Thrones the leg-crosser of the season. Let's dig in!

The episode is of course preceded by my favorite letters in the Western alphabet: AC, Al, Gv, and N. Together, they spell H-a-p-p-y L-o-r-d-s D-a-y Y-a-l-l!

The opening credits let us know that we're going to be introduced to yet another new land - this one looks to be waaaaay out there. Like, Staten Island out there. It's called Qarth, which sounds like a home accounting software with a speech impediment.

Stark, raving mad (Richard Madden)

It's raining in Westeros (my haaaair is a meesssss...) and two Lannisterian soldiers are joking about in the dark about the fighting prowess of Lorax, the Knight of Flowers. One points out that he can't be that good of a swordsman,
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