[DVD Review] Gunfight At La Mesa

Americans love Westerns – just three years ago James Mangold’s 3:10 To Yuma scored a respectful $70 million at the Us box office, while bringing in a significantly smaller $16 mil worldwide. Something about the Western as a genre appeals to the American moviegoer – maybe it’s the concept of righteousness, of tough guys standing up for what they believe in. While the 90s and the 00s saw a rise in deconstructionist westerns like Unforgiven and the grievously underrated The Assassination of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford, pulling the myth apart is still not quite gravy with most moviegoers, as evidenced by Jesse James middling box office profits.

With digital cinema having almost entirely replace film as a choice of most productions, it’s understandable that novice filmmakers would turn to low cost, high quality cameras in an effort to curb development costs. Now we come to the root of
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