‘Judas Kiss’ scores at Tla’s Gaybie’s

The festival hit Judas Kiss, with a screenplay by Carlos Pedraza and directed J.T. Tepnapa, won film distributor and online retailer Tla Video’s annual Gaybie Award in three categories, including for Best Drama, Best Actor for Charlie David and Best Supporting Actor Sean Paul Lockhart (also nominated in the supporting role was The Killing‘s Richard Harmon, who played Danny Reyes). The film was co-produced by our own DoorQus Maximus (also known as Jody), so we can all be safe and live another day as we bow before him (which he requires, and kinda likes).

“We are honored that the film has been nominated, and proud of our cast members for the recognition of their stellar performances,” said writer-producer Carlos Pedraza.

“We were up against some very fine films — including Oscar winners, big-budget mainstream studio films and network dramas,” said director J.T. Tepnapa. “The dedication and professionalism of our cast and crew,
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