The Films Of Whit Stillman: A Retrospective

Charlie: Do you know the film, "The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoise?" When I first saw that title, I though, "Finally, someone is going to tell the truth about the bourgeoisie." What a disappointment. It would be hard to imagine a less fair or accurate portrait.

Cynthia: Well of course, Bunuel is a surrealist. Despising the bourgeoisie is part of their credo.

Nick: (disgusted) Where do they get off?

Charlie: The truth is the bourgeoisie does have a lot of charm.

Nick: Of course it does, the surrealists were just a bunch of social climbers.

- Whit Stillman, "Metropolitan"

Famously dubbed the “the Wasp Woody Allen” and the “Dickens of people with too much inner life” by reviewers and critics when his comedy-of-manners indie pictures arrived in the early 1990s, Whit Stillman’s ironic, clever and urbane examinations of upward and downward social mobility and the shallow concerns and preoccupations of the young,
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