Q&A With ‘DC Nation Shorts’ Producer & ‘Teen Titans’ Director Ben Jones on Making Saturday Morning Snacks

For viewers who are now tuning into Cartoon Network each Saturday morning to see new episodes of Green Lantern: The Animated Series and Young Justice may have noticed odd, quirky, and entertaining animation shorts coming back from commercial. BuzzFocus spoke with Ben Jones, one of the producers on DC Nation Shorts and is also the director/producer on the New Teen Titans shorts. We talk about the ideas behind the DC Nation Shorts and what we can expect in this first season.

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There are so many different animation styles, which is cool. What was the thought behind a different style for each short?

Bj: The way Sam Register (along with Peter Girardi who had the idea for the Block) described it was for it to be a mini-film festival of styles. The goal from
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