Review: 'Strange New World'

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Gene Roddenberry spent the 1970s attempting to create new series and while many got as far the pilot film, none ever went to series. By the end of the decade he was frustrated and gave up, tying himself to Star Trek, riding that cash cow to the end of his life.

His first attempt was 1973’s Genesis II, a take on post-apocalyptic life on Earth, starring Alex Cord as Dylan Hunt (a name that got recycled). The CBS movie of the week looked good and almost made the schedule when the network opted instead for Planet of the Apes. Roddenberry continued to rework the notion, revising it into Planet Earth, and switching from CBS and Cord to ABC and then rising action star John Saxon. After that aired and failed, Roddenberry wisely walked away from the idea in favor of Questor and Spectre.

Others, though, didn’t give up and
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