Framing The Fantasy: Interview With ‘Once Upon A Time’ Composer Mark Isham

With over 125 movie and television credits and growing, Mark Isham, has composed some of the great movie scores in the last three decades including Quiz Show (1994), October Sky (1999), Men of Honor (2000) and Crash (2004). They are a minuscule sample of his memorable works. My personal favorite of his library is his potent and emotionally-packed melodies for The Cooler (2003) where you ride Bernie Lootz’s highs when he’s hot and lows when he is the gutter.

One of Isham’s current jobs is composing for ABC’s fantasy series Once Upon a Time. This is the first in a series of interviews BuzzFocus conducted at Wondercon 2012 with film and TV composers. We spoke with Isham about this ongoing challenge for him and how it’s pushed him creatively in new ways as a composer. But first, take a few minutes to listen to Isham’s music for Once Upon a Time.
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