Daily Viewing. Catherine Grant's "Touching the Film Object?"

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"Film critical video essays do seem to work, it seems to me, in the same 'intersubjective' zone as that of written film criticism. As Andrew Klevan and Alex Clayton argue of this zone, 'we are immersed in the film as the critic sees it, hence brought to share a deeply involved perspective.'"

Catherine Grant, who maintains the indispensable site Film Studies for Free, has posted a companion piece to the above video essay at the top of her latest entry, an almost overwhelming roundup of other exemplary video essays, links and textual excerpts related to "the practical possibilities for, and the critical debates about, audiovisual film studies research and 'publication.'"

Today at 5 pm in Boston, she, Christian Keathley (Middlebury College), Girish Shambu (Canisius College), Benjamin Sampson (UCLA), Richard Misek (University of Kent), Craig Cieslikowski (University of Florida) and Matthias Stork (UCLA) will be participating in a workshop on
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