Lambent Fuse (2011) – The Review

Lambent Fuse is an independent drama made entirely in Minnesota by college students, pre-professionals and new professionals in the filmmaking field. An ambitious project that strives to shed a more realistic light on issues of mental illness, Lambent Fuse has a lot going on within it’s 99-minute running time. While I applaud and encourage such ambitious undertakings, the rule of thumb known as “less is more” is often a philosophy one does well to heed, which applies to filmmaking as easily as anything else. However, that should never keep a storyteller from offering the viewer a challenge.

The film revolves primarily around two characters, Freddie (Rhett Romsaas) and Allison (Heidi Fellner), a couple near their two-year anniversary. Lambent Fuse follows a similar structure as more recent films including Crash (2004) that feature multiple plots that converge across an indirect narrative structure. While this gives the film more to play with,
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