Dr. Phibes Director Robert Fuest Dead at 84

It’s a shame this skilled and stylish director wasn’t a bit more prolific as his The Abominable Dr. Phibes ( 1971 – and its 1972 sequel Dr. Phibes Rises Again) exhibited a great sense of flair and pop art flamboyance and provided Vincent Price with one of his most beloved roles. Robert Fuest’s other credits included the extremely suspenseful And Soon The Darkness (1970) about two English girls on a cycling tour across the French countryside unaware they’re being stalked by a killer. Fuest shot the ridiculous but colorful The Devil’S Rain (1975) in the U.S. and Mexico but it was so savagely reviewed, it seemed to kill off a most promising career as his only subsequent credits were Return Of The Stepford Wives (TV -. 1980) and the soft-core Greece-shot opus Aphrodite (1982). He worked as Art Director on the New Avengers TV series and retired to focus on his passion
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