Movie Review: 21 Jump Street – Flips 80s Archetypes on Their Back

21 Jump Street the movie doesn’t try to recreate the police procedural drama of the 80s. Instead of giving viewers another overdone Will Ferrell remake, that’s more spoof than homage, the movie embraces the stereotypes of the past with self-referential humor. The meta style is abundantly clear in an opening monologue from Parks and Recreation star Nick Offerman. As the police chief, he tells Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum that the two will be a part of a cancelled 80s police program that needs work because all they do is “recycle old ideas.”

In the opening sequence, the movie establishes Rat Pack clichés worthy of The Breakfast Club. Hill is a blond-haired, Eminem wannabe. Tatum is the jock that makes fun of him. Instead of dwelling on these stereotypes, the film tosses them way without remorse. At a police test, which Tatum can’t pass to save his life,
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