DVD News: Dragon Storm (UK/R2)

Revolver Entertainment have announced the UK DVD release of fantasy epic Dragon Storm on May 24th 2010.

Set in a fantasy medieval realm two Kings are feuding. King Fastrad is continually plotting to invade the neighboring kingdom of his nemesis, the noble King Wednesbury. It is not until King Fastrads castle is attacked by dragons that he must swallow his pride and beg King Wednesbury to come to his aid. ?Together they must work together to protect their kingdoms from being ravaged by the deadly dragons, so a team of skilled warriors is assembled to kill the beasts.

Action packed with stunning special effects Dragon Storm is a modern take on the great fantasy films of old, starring John Rhys Davis (Lord of the Rings), John Hanson, Maxwell Caulfield, Tony Amendola and the ever gorgeous Angel Boris. Check out the trailer:

You can pre-order Dragon Storm on DVD now at Amazon.
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