What All The Kony 2012 Hype Is Really About

For those of you living under a rock during the last three days, human rights advocacy group Invisible Children launched a campaign video to raise awareness of the atrocities committed by Joseph Kony in Uganda—and the video garnered an unprecedented 40 million views in just 72 hours. As we learned from last nights's Tubefilter Hollywood Meetup, publicity and organic viewership are closely related and highly sought after by marketers. The press for Kony 2012 has been tremendous indeed, but if someone were to ask me about what all the Kony 2012 hype is really about, I would say it's more about the campaign's performance than the cause itself. All the attention surrounding Kony 2012 seems to focus mostly on the magnitude of the campaign's virality and the wonders of social media—a huge distraction from the campaign's goals. Thus, the story that emerges is the extraordinary amount of attention that three Americans were able
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