Mark Kermode's DVD round-up

Contagion; Immortals; The Rum Diary

One of the most likable things about the prolific Steven Soderbergh is just how eager he is to embrace (and subvert) the traditions of genre cinema. While other Cannes-favourite "auteur" directors may claim flatulently that their work is too personal for conventional labels (ha!), Soderbergh flits nimbly from big-budget crime caper to hand-held docudrama (the Oceans franchise, Full Frontal), from head-cracking action to arty angst (sex, lies, and videotape), from conspiracy thriller to political biopic (Michael Clayton, Che) and from sci-fi to sexposé (Solaris, The Girlfriend Experience) with ease.

His current cinema release, Haywire, casts mixed martial arts star Gina Carano as a high-kicking secret agent, lending a big-screen sheen to the straight-to-video genre of which Cynthia Rothrock was once queen bee. Meanwhile his viral outbreak movie Contagion (2011, Warner, 12) hits the DVD shelves, taking its lead from such time-honoured disaster epics as Earthquake, The Poseidon Adventure and The Towering Inferno,
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