[Interview] ‘The Pill’ Director Jc Khoury On Creating Romance & Comedy The Morning After

For some, making their first feature is a long and drawn out process, featuring years and years of meticulous screenplay editing, an arduous casting process, another year in post, all to beget a film that is as personal as a hermetically-sealed bag. Jc Khoury, the writer/director of The Pill didn’t have time for that. Mixing personal aspirations with game shows, he came up with the idea for his debut feature and gave himself a ticking clock before he had to put it all on film.

The ticking clock idea translates directly into The Pill where a one night stand could quickly turn into a life-long problem if not for these two little miracle pills (my review). In this extended interview, discover the films that helped shape this frank and funny little film, what line makes people yell at the screen in horror, whether or not it’s a good date flick,
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