Akira The Don – The Life Equation Review

Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars

Akira The Don is an interesting character, the cartoonist, rapper, producer, blogger and videographer has a lot going for him but unfortunately his second album ‘The Life Equation’ is lacking a cutting edge.

The first single We Won’t Be Broke Forever Baby features Super Furry AnimalsGruff Rhys and is the bets example of what an Akira The Don song is all about. There is a mixture of rapping, indie guitars and hip hop beats which on paper sounds brilliant but Akira just doesn’t seem to be able to combine all three to create something amazing.

Many of the tracks from the ten songs that make up the album never seem to take that extra step that is needed to take the song to the next level, with Babydoll and Video Highway being the biggest culprits.

The album isn’t that bad, but there
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