Paltrow Loves Simple Life

Paltrow Loves Simple Life
Gwyneth Paltrow found the true meaning of happiness when she stopped chasing success - insisting she's at her most content when cooking for her kids.

The Oscar-winner admits her fear of failing to succeed throughout her younger years drove her to over-achieve, but she is now convinced that concentrating on life's simple pleasures is more important.

She tells America's Parade magazine, "I think that I really got a lot happier when I realised that, as corny as it sounds, the simplest things in life have made me so happy, like slowing down, cooking for my family, having kids that are healthy.

"The relationships that you have make you happy... I mean, it's great to have success, it's great to have money. I don't want to give it away, but I know that if it was taken away, if I had my family, I would be okay.

"I guess I'm not scared the way I was in my 20s, when I thought it was all about success and I had to be a successful person."

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