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Konstantin Nikolaevič Leont'ev

"Radical Emma Goldman famously demanded 'fun' as a precondition of revolution (the nerve!), and Bl associate editor Andrew Grossman agrees," writes editor Gary Morris, introducing the new issue of Bright Lights Film Journal. "Leading off the Articles section, he collates the 'polka tremblante' (aka Bohemian polka) with strolls through Byzantine ascetic philosopher Leontev, Nosferatu, and Carl Sandburg in a magical riff. Equally dazzling is Dave Saunders's paean to the Connectitrons via Hugo, The Big Clock, and Jeanne La Pucelle (Parts 1 and 2)."

Also in Issue 75: "Every trip must end, and our 'empty guest room' is unusually full this time. Jack Stevenson, who knows all things underground, offers thoughtful tributes to two talents associated with, among other things, the Kuchars: Marion Eaton, star of Thundercrack!, and Bob Cowan, who appeared in various Kuchar efforts. These are the kinds of rare histories that would not be written but for Jack,
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