Next Factor: 'Ghost Rider' Star Violante Placido

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It's impossible not to notice Italian actress Violante Placido. She possesses the kind of stunning beauty that makes men forget their names, particularly if she's showing off her considerable natural gifts in a movie like "The American."

After her scene-stealing performance opposite George Clooney, it's no wonder Hollywood came calling again to offer her a sexy role in the action sequel "Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance." Placido plays the kind of fiercely protective mother who would gladly put a bullet in you if it meant saving her kid. With her alluring charm and acting pedigree, Placido should be a household name in no time.

Age: 35

Hometown: Rome, Italy

What She's Done: Placido started acting as a teenager in her native Italy, appearing in more than 30 film and television projects there. She made her Hollywood movie debut playing an Italian prostitute whom George Clooney's character employs and then falls for
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