Tales of an Ancient Empire

Though it’s unfair for a critic to say a film is worse than another purely because it had a smaller budget, Tales of an Ancient Empire (aka Abelar: Tales of an Ancient Empire) looks less like a professionally produced film and more like a project made on a rented set the size of a small bedroom by a director who overindulged themselves with Adobe After Effects to make up the difference. Structurally and technically, Tales of an Ancient Empire deserves even more criticism for dividing its story into nonsensical vignettes where characters emote at a sub-Soap Opera quality as their lines compete to be heard through bad audio effects and over a loud soundtrack. Tales of an Ancient Empire is virtually unwatchable unless you’re really hungry for a few moments of fantasy-themed nudity, and even then the bad audio distracts you. “Hey, boobs- Wait, is she speaking English?
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