A Little Bit Zombie and An Instant Cult Classic: A Movie Review and Preview

*full disclosure: a screener of this film was provided by Casey Walker.

Director: Casey Walker.

Writers: Trevor Martin and Christopher Bond.

Cast: Kristopher Turner, Kristen Hager, Crystal Lowe, Shawn Roberts, and Stephen McHattie.

First-time director Casey Walker may very well have a cult classic on his hands. With plenty of experience in the television front, and lots of training with his film making friends, he shows that he has the talent to work in the big leagues.

A Little Bit Zombie will make its world debut at the Victoria Film Festival on February 4th. This movie is a smart rom-com. It cleverly adds to the mythos of what the walking dead can represent on screen. And this motion picture can easily rank up there with other Canadian zombie products like Fido and Pontypool.

Viewers may remember Stephen McHattie from the latter product, and he shows that he is no stranger
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