'The Theatre Bizarre' Review

by Colleen Wanglund, MoreHorror.com

While I’ve seen more than a few indie horror anthologies of late—some good, others forgettable—the anthology film seems to be making a comeback. Like the classic George Romero/Stephen King Creepshow (1982) and the impending The ABCs Of Death due out later this year, The Theatre Bizarre (2011) is one of those films that lives up to its buzz….and fans’ expectations. Six shorts linked by framing scenes make up The Theatre Bizarre, a film being distributed by Severin Films.

The film’s opening and framing segments, directed by Jeremy Kasten (Wizard Of Gore {2007}) titled “Theatre Guignol” star the wonderfully bizarre Udo Kier as a life-size marionette and story teller in an abandoned theater. Virginia Newcomb plays a young woman obsessed with the old theater, who sneaks into it one fateful night to hear the strange stories. Throughout the segments are a cast of weird,
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