Take Shelter and A Film's True Meaning: A Movie Review

*here be major spoilers.

Director/writer: Jeff Nichols.

If you have not seen this film, then wait to read this review. This reviewer is going to take a stab at explaining the film's ending. As backstory, Take Shelter received a limited theatrical run and now the film is moving to DVD and Blu-Ray February 14th. The film stars Michael Shannon as Curtis a man who sees apocalyptic visions in the skies and in his dreams. Even the first scene shows a man's face with an exploding head. What could that mean?

Curtis is your average family man: a blue collar worker, a brother, a father and a husband. However, he is extraordinary in his ability to see powerful visions. What he sees is an assortment of violent characters, bad omens, storms and the world going to hell. Curtis is also a man with a history of schizophrenia in his family.
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