Google Engineers Collaborate to Produce Pearry Teo's Dead Inside

Yes, our lives revolve around Google. It's gone from Yahoo!'s chumpy little brother, to the biggest website in the world. It's so big that Google somehow went from a noun to a verb! The people behind this kind of success have got to have their heads on straight. Let's hope the eight Google engineers who joined forces to produce the upcoming horror film Dead Inside were some of the good Google workers, not the ones who just hang around by the candy machine and try to say something that sounds smart.

Written by Jennifer Zhang and directed by Pearry Teo, Dead Inside is a creepy film set at a party where bad things begin to happen after one character has a premonition of another's death. Zhang is also featured in the film along with stars Lala Hensley, Matthew Mercer, Rayne Bidder, James Adam Lim, Tara Strand and Sage Howard.
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