'The Bachelor': 'I'm a nice person. Don't [bleep] with me'

The "Bachelor" girls pack up and head for a resort in Park City, Utah. The first one-on-one date is for Rachel, the blonde with the nose stud. Kacie's a sad panda about the other girls getting dates. She says the thought of Ben spending a whole day with someone else drives her crazy. She wants the experience to be over and the two of them just doing normal stuff together, like going to the grocery store.

I love you, Kacie, I really do - but did you not understand how this show works? Also, even if you're dating, he might spend time with other people. Stop sounding like a crazy girl who wants to kidnap him and make a doll out of his hair or something.

Rachel's Date

They leave on a helicopter and the girls freak out. Uh, was there a production assistant just off-screen poking at them with an electrified cattle prod?
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