Revenge Ep. 1.13, “Commitment”: I’ve Always Wanted A Big Sister!

Revenge Review Season 1, Episode 13, “Commitment”

Written by Mark B. Perry & Liz Tigelaar

Directed by Kennet Fink

Airs Wednesdays at 10pm Et on ABC

Louis Godfrey: Since the beginning, we’ve known that Revenge is headed towards Emily and Daniel’s engagement party at the end of the summer, at which Daniel will be shot on the beach (possibly by Jack, although we can’t be sure just yet). If last week set the pins for that eventuality, this week’s episode, “Commitment,” gets the ball rolling. And if you are going to have an engagement party, naturally you have to have an engagement. Daniel proposes to Emily in the rain and, with her chest heaving like she’s about to have a panic attack, Emily accepts without hesitation. The scene is fascinating, mostly because Emily’s reaction is both controlled and revealing – where is that anxiety that she’s fighting coming from?
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