Nuremberg: Its Lesson For Today – The Review

A compact, conclusive primer on the criminality and rise of the Nazi party, Nuremberg: Its Lesson For Today, is actually a recovered documentary from 1948 written and directed by the late Stuart Schulberg (brother of Budd, the writer of On The Waterfront) that, though U.S.-sponsored, was never released in this country. Thought lost for many years, Schulberg’s daughter Sandra Schulberg and her fellow documentarian Josh Waletzky have now restored the film using a decent print that they discovered with the help of the German Bundesarchiv (Germany’s National Archive, headquartered in Berlin). Enlisting the vocal talents of actor Liev Schreiber, the narration has been re-recorded, this time in English and the result is an interesting documentary that combines footage of the trial of Hitler’s commanders who survived the war – Hermann Goering, Rudolf Hess, Julius Streicher, etc. with a concise flashback history of the rise and fall of the Nazi Party.
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