Stewart Copeland Of The Police Scores On "Storage Wars"

Stewart Copeland Of The Police Scores On
Barry Weiss is no dummy, and he certainly had a clever way to make a profit after a $1,500 investment on "Storage Wars" (Tue., 10 p.m. Est On A&E). After a purchase scored him a drum set, he let his friend Stewart Copeland of The Police take a look at it. Copeland couldn't have been more excited by one of the cymbals he saw.

"This cymbal here I will buy from you for $40 right now," he said, calling it the Holy Grail. He walked away from a chance to buy it once in Istanbul and has regretted it ever since. But that doesn't recoup Weiss' initial investment, so he instead got his old friend to do him a favor.

So he had Copeland sign the drums, and suddenly you're looking at a very nice collector's item -- or items if the set is broken up. In the end, Weiss was able to double his money,
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