News: Violet Tendencies Trailer | Is It Ok to Say "Fag Hag" if the Movie is About a Self-Described "Fag Hag"?

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You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both, and there you have .... Violet Tendencies, the greatest movie about the "oldest living fag hag" starring "The Facts of Life's" Mindy Cohn ever created (at least until the sequel).

Below, we have the trailer for Violet Tendencies (compliments of Craig), which is a ... I think we're going to call it an independent romantic comedy. It was directed by Casper Andreas, who you may know from his last film, Big Gay Musical or his debut film, Slutty Summer. In Violent Tendencies, Mindy Cohn is "the oldest living fag hag," who can't seem to find a man because, well, she's surrounded by gay men (ummmm ... you gotta play that Natalie Green card).

But then, she finds the male version of herself: A "fag stag." (Does putting "fag" in quotes absolve me of political incorrectness, or am I allowed to
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